Reservations will be required for use of the concession building, fields and Picnic/BBQ area by all Group Users, Leagues, teams, after school athletic programs, events, or Individuals wishing to book usage in advance.

All reservations will be subject to a use fee to be determined by the Board of Directors. Proof of Insurance with Providence Landing Park being named as an insured for a min of $1 Million will be required for groups of 10 or more or for leagues or sporting groups/events. Reservations will be handled by the Park Manager and will be made via phone, fax, e-mail or in person during established office hours. A Reservation User Agreement will be will be utilized by the Manager. The Manager will also act as a Park Host that will monitor the venue and make certain that all of the users are properly using the venue and recreating responsibly. Under supervision and direction of the Park Manager, policy and procedures set by the Board of Directors will be enforced.

**More information can be found under Programs and Events on this site.

*Reservations are currently made by telephone or email until further notice. Refer to the Contact page for contact number and email address. Thank You.

Concession Stand The Park Manager is housed in the Park Headquarters and this is where the general public can go to rent a facility in person during establish office hours.

The Concession Stand can be rented by an outside contractor, or league. The Park will collect a flat rental fee or a percentage of the operator’s gross earnings.

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